Focus 40 Day 18: Extreme Living—Connect into the Family of God

Prayer Focus:  Pray for health for each part of the Body of Christ – Romans 12:13-20

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Day 18
Extreme Living—Connect into the Family of God

The Lord protects the foreigners among us. He cares for the orphans and widows.
—Psalm 146:9 (NLT)

GOD ORDAINED THE FAMILY as our primary place of connectedness. He operates as a family through the Trinity giving each of them a name that related them to the others: Father, Son and Spirit. We find our place in the family of God by connecting into human families and the church family.

Some of us have a great heritage in our human family and some do not. For most of us, there are times or seasons of connectivity followed by gaps where we feel more alone. For example, a student leaves home to go to the university. Ask any parents about the empty nest, and they can tell you about transitions in the family. When one is wid-owed, they didn’t do anything wrong, but their feeling of connectivity with the family is certainly low. Divorce strains the best of families.

God made a way that we could always be connected in a family, the family of God. We have a Father, a Spirit, and a Brother. We are related through grace to any Christ follower, so we have brothers and sisters around the world. He provided community as a part of his care for his children.

We need the church. When we say we are part of the Church of God, we align our-selves with God’s plan to take care of his family.

There is a pattern here. God wants his children to be connected into families both human and divine. Are you part of a local church? Not only do you need one, but they need you. This is a part of God’s plan.

Lord, presently there are many, millions in fact, who need to know that they have not only something to believe but a place to be-long. Use me to lead your children into rela-tionship within your family. Amen.

Rev. Gary Kendall, Pastor


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