Focus 40 Day 9: Extreme Living through our reach

Prayer Focus:  Pray the Church of god will reach! – Matthew 28:18-20

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Day 9
Extreme Living through Our Reach

THE VALUE WE IDENTIFY as “Reach” is based on the Great Commission that Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:18–20. Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey God. The commission to reach others with the gospel included reaching to all nations. Every man, woman, youth, and child, of every tongue, tribe, and nation is part of the mission field set before us. This is God’s mission, and we have been commanded to co-labor with him to reach others.

God’s passion and desire to reach those who do not know him was so extreme that he removed the heavy weight of glory from his Son (John 17:5) and sent him to be incarnated as a frail baby. The mission of the incarnate life of Jesus was to suffer and die for our transgressions and to conquer death (1Cor 15:56). Jesus did whatever it took, through extreme living, in order to reach and reconcile a sinful humanity to God.

What might extreme living through our reach to others look like? It starts by reaching inward and casting off any remnant of our former self that is corrupted by deceitful desires (Eph 4:22). Any desire that conflicts with the deep desire and passion found in the heart of God is a deceitful desire. Deceitful desires oppress us by keeping us beneath the calling Jesus has already made provision for us to attain. Deceitful desires harness us beneath the purpose Jesus assigned to us. He expects us to expand and fill his purpose for our life. Jesus called us to impact the world with his love through our reach. Such a massive impact can only be accomplished through individuals who have set their minds and hearts in alignment with Jesus to do whatever it takes. Doing “whatever it takes” is the mindset of one who is engaged in extreme living. This is what a picture of extreme living looks like.

If you have accepted the gift of salvation from Jesus through faith, who was the person(s) who reached out to you with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Have you taken a moment to contemplate the impact on your life, by that individual(s) who stepped out and obeyed the Great Commission to lead you to Christ? Because they reached out to you, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus has provided the means for you to be forgiven, transformed into a new creation, and adopted as a child of God. The sober reality of the past destination in contrast to the current life and future destiny is staggering. May this reality burn in your heart and birth a desire for others to receive the life transformation and eternal inheritance you have been graciously given. May each of us rise up as did our Savior and say through our extreme living, “Whatever it takes, I choose to reach others.”

Rev. Judy Weeks
Love and Reach Transformation Team Leader

Focus 40 2014

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